Personal Trainers and Instructors


Melissa Aldeborgh has over 20 years of fitness industry experience, and holds a personal training certification with American Sports & Fitness Association. In addition, she is certified in multiple group fitness forums, ICSA Kickboxing, Kettlebells and Les Mills programs. Melissa enjoys helping her clients to keep a balanced and active lifestyle by keeping them challenged and motivating them to surpass their mental and physical boundaries.

Robert Topp is an experienced Fitness Trainer, Group Exercise and Mixed Martial Arts Strength & Conditioning coach who promotes sustainable healthy living. Playing football, basketball, baseball and track and field, he developed injuries of the hip, knee and shoulder which limited his ability to lead a healthy active life. Motivated by his own personal recovery, he takes pride in training others to perform at their highest potential, working to recover from and prevent future injury while completely changing their bodies in the process. Rob enjoys utilizing bodyweight, partnering, functional fitness tools, as well as classic weight lifting, to keep training fresh in and outside of the gym.

Pete Upton became a personal trainer because he enjoys helping people and couldn’t imagine any other way than through health and fitness. Understanding many people live with pain every day, he became a certified Z-Health movement specialist, one of only 36 in Massachusetts. He now helps people with joint ailments every day. Pete also specializes and has helped hundreds of clients with improving their posture, functional strength, structural balance and designing personalized exercise programs which are the keys to success, and he loves doing it!


Emily Phillips
holds a Masters in Fitness Management, another in Clinical Psychology, and a BA in English from Tufts University.  In her role as Fitness Specialist at Reebok Headquarters, she designed and implemented individual fitness programs and taught group exercise.  In LA, she was the personal trainer to exercise video star, Kathy Smith, and in Boston she worked as a yoga teacher for Equinox Health Clubs, Exhale Spa, and New Balance.  For her work as a group exercise teacher, Emily received a  ”superior” rating from City Sports Magazine  and is known for her challenging, yet safe, program design.  Emily holds a certification from The American College of Sports Medicine, and passed the National Academy of Sports Medicine exam. Her work is most influenced by that of sports physical therapist Gray Cook and strength and conditioning coach Michael Boyle; as such she brings knowledge of cutting-edge research and protocols along with a deep respect for alignment and safety to her work as a fitness trainer and group exercise teacher.

Maggie Sarmiento is an experienced Pilates trainer, dance and acrobatics teacher, and continues to pursue her passion in dance performance. She has been a successful dance instructor for 13 years. Because of her dance background, she understands how delicate our joints can be, the importance of having control of flexibility and loves to fuse fitness and dance. After experiencing the strengthening elements of Pilates, she went on to get her certification in 2011 to become a Master Pilates instructor. Not only is Maggie an instructor, she has created events and choreographed for some of the Vineyard’s top dancers. Maggie is a teacher for all ages and believes teaching is much more than instructing. She believes in quality vs. quantity, stability before range and trusting the process. After teaching in Chicago this past winter, she is excited to be back on MV!

Sian Williams is originally from Manchester, England and moved to Martha’s Vineyard in 1988. Sian began her yoga teacher training certification with renowned teacher, Shiva Rea, and completed in the fall of 2008, certified by Yoga Alliance as a 200 hour RYT. Sian has been teaching yoga to kids ranging in age from 5 to 14 years old. She created Pandavine, Yoga for kids program, which has become a popular fixture on the Island.