Personal Trainers and Instructors


Melissa Aldeborgh is a Master Instructor/Trainer and has over 30 years of experience in the Fitness industry.  She has continued to stay on top of the ever-changing fitness industry through education and currently holds certifications with Nautilus Sports & Fitness, NFPT and American Sports & Fitness Association. She is certified and trained in multiple group fitness forums; Level 2 ICSA Kickboxing, Master Trainer with Les Mills, SFG Kettlebell, AFFA Cycling, United States Water Fitness, and Beachbody Fitness.

Melissa enjoys helping members to keep a balanced and active lifestyle by challenging and motivating them to surpass their mental and physical boundaries.  Workouts are individualized and designed to address member’s needs and concerns.  This includes tailored maintenance programs to get through the summer, sports related workouts that compliment a tennis or golf game or high intensity Bootcamp style workouts that burns calories. She can also train 1-on-1 cycle programs, aqua fitness programs and stretching programs.

Melissa Clay has summered on Martha’s Vineyard her entire life and has lived here year-round for the past 20 years. Her enthusiasm for fitness, nutrition, the mechanics of the human body and helping others started in high school and has been growing ever since. Her certifications include the National Academy of Sports Medicine, Certified Behavior Change Specialist, and she is currently working on a nutrition certification with a focus on lifetime weight loss. Melissa is creative in her workout programs making sure to stay focused on her client’s goals by utilizing not only weights and machines, but also body weight. She loves to incorporate the outdoors and TRX and SAQ drills, capitalizing on what nature has to offer. Melissa also has experience in corrective/physical therapy training for stroke victims, spinal stenosis, poor posture and muscle imbalances. She has worked extensively with seniors on balance and strength, which is a rapidly growing adjunct to the training field. With 23 years of combined experience, she is excited to bring her passion to The Boathouse this summer!

Teason “TC” Cofield is originally from Brooklyn, NY and found the concrete jungle doubled as his personal gym. Captivated by super hero’s (especially those that plagued Gotham) he decided he wanted to be just that; a strong positive influence for those who can and cannot stand up for themselves. After studying at the Equinox Fitness Training Institute he relocated to Martha’s Vineyard. He holds a personal training certificate from the American Sports and Fitness Association, and currently getting his Sports Nutrition Degree from Shaw Academy.

Russell Ventura grew up on Martha’s Vineyard and enjoys taking advantage of the outdoors for recreation and fitness.  Russell’s passion for fitness began while training for high school sports including football, track and martial arts. Russell holds a personal training certification with the American Council on Exercise (ACE.) He has taught defensive tactics/use of Force to the law enforcement community for over ten years, and is an experienced instructor in physical skills, balance, movement and power. Russell trains with a focus on functional fitness for better flexibility, strength, endurance and agility. Through detailed and direct instruction he focuses on developing and enhancing form and technique to empower each individual to reach and exceed their goals

Jeneifer Delorenzo  teacher training program, Yogadharma, is a mind, body and life practice. She received her 1st DAN Black Belt in 2010 and became certified with Yoga Alliance E-RYT, having taught for over 3,000 hours and upon developing a multi-dimensional curriculum.She gained a certified in Childlight/Yoga 4 Classrooms and in 2017 completed Yoga Alliance Kids RYT.  She teaches yogic practices of self-regulation, self-awareness and compassionate action to the children of Martha’s Vineyard in schools serving over 750 children in pre-school through middle school.  Join her for a personal exploration of connecting, reflecting and expanding – one breath at time.

Holly Jones is a Colorado native and has lived in NYC and Martha’s Vineyard for the past ten years. She is a professional dancer, educator, and the Director of Artist Services/Associate Producer for The Yard in Chilmark.  She brings together her love of dance and fitness at the Boathouse Club every weekend for the “Long and Lean” class.  Meet her at the Barre every Saturday and Sunday morning!

Judy Kranz was an actress and dancer in NYC and discovered Pilates helped with dancer related injuries and imbalances. She became a fully certified Pilates teacher in 2004, and a Teacher Trainer in 2009. Having summered on the island since she was three years old, she moved here full time in 2011. Judy opened her own Pilate’s studio and teaches Pilates mat work at the Martha’s Vineyard YMCA and at The Boathouse Club. She believes wholeheartedly in the benefits of the Pilates Method and tries to teach with compassion and humor.

Emily Phillips holds a Masters in Fitness Management, another in Clinical Psychology, as well as numerous certifications. She was a Fitness Specialist at Reebok headquarters and taught yoga in-house at New Balance headquarters. In Boston, she taught at Equinox and Exhale. In addition to teaching studio classes, Emily leads trail hikes and fitness retreats. Emily’s training focus is on alignment, breath, and feet. She is a foot educator with the Foot Collective, a group of physical therapists based in Canada. Ask her about minimal footwear!

Sian Williams is originally from the UK, Sian has been teaching yoga for 10 years, and at The Boathouse Club for the last 8 years. Sian began her yoga teacher training with renowned teacher, Shiva Rea and has completed over 500 hours of training, as well as other intensives with Baron Baptiste, Ana Forrest and others. Sian teaches Vinyasa yoga with specialties in core and power.


Personal Training and Class Instruction 2018

Personal Training
Private: $90/hr – $50/30 minutes
Private Yoga/Pilates sessions: $90/hour
Group Training (4 max): $55/hour per person

Class Instruction
Customized Group Fitness Class
Including Yoga, Pilates and Kettlebells:
2-6 people: $150/hour
7+ people: $175/hour

Squash Intruction
Junior Clinics: $35/hour per person
Private Lessons: $110/hour
Private Lessons: $65/30 minutes
Semi-Private Lessons: $60/hour per person

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