Inshore Fishing

Our inshore trips involve fishing primarily for Bluefish, Bonito and False Albacore with an emphasis on the prized Striped Bass.  We target these species depending on the time of the season we are fishing.

bluefish.JPGBluefish can be caught anytime from late May until early fall.  The larger fish are traditionally caught from the middle of September through October.  These fish weigh from 3-4 pounds in the spring to 15- 18 pounds later in the year.  We use a variety of techniques including jigging, casting with light tackle and casting with live bait.  Pound for pound these fish are very strong and aggressive and always put up a great fight for all anglers.  This is a great species to target with kids because there is plenty of action and a relatively short journey to the fishing grounds.

Anyone who has fished the Vineyard can tell you about our Striped Bass fishery and how it is one of the best on the east coast.  If you want solid action with plenty of fish, these trips are it.  We begin in early June, when the migration from the Mid- Atlantic starts.  We target the fish with top water plugs on light tackle and jig for them when the water temperature heats up in July and August.  By far, the most exciting and most productive means of catching is with live bait, which we use every opportunity we can.  During spring these last couple of years, the Vineyard has produced fish in the 40’s, 50’s and even 60 lb class!

These inshore Bass trips are good for all the family and a great way to show off the area to your business acquaintances and friends.  We fish all around the Island, from the beautiful back beaches and rips of the Elizabeth Islands, to the North Shore, South Beach and Katama. The Bass action lasts through August and well into September just when the Striped Bass and Bluefish Derby is in full swing.  This tournament has been in existence every fall, since 1946 and there is a reason for that. Plenty of big fish return on their migration back to the Mid- Atlantic; the fish are hungry and the Vineyard happens to be on their route.

atlantic bonito 3.giffalse albacore.JPGLate summer and early fall bring Bonito and False Albacore to the Vineyard waters.  These fast swimming and aggressive fish put up an awesome fight on light tackle.  Most anglers’ site cast for these “bones” or “albies” in shallow water, but we troll for them in the deep waters just 5-6 miles south of the island.  When the bite is on, is not unlikely to catch 10 to 15 per trip.  Some sources say that they are capable of reaching speeds of 40mph, making for an exciting catch.   These little rockets are in the tuna family and run anywhere from 5- 18 lbs.