Kids’ Club – Ages 6 – 12

These programs are educational in nature and will be led by knowledgeable instructors who will design the programs to inform and inspire and most importantly be fun for all ages. There are five different daily programs that will be repeated throughout the summer. As with the younger age programs, these will be from 9am – Noon.

Daily Themes

MONDAY ~ Theme Day
Welcome back Junior Members! We missed you! This season we are starting off each week with a “theme day”.  Each Monday Junior Members will enjoy a different theme including, crafts, activities and more. From being wizards and making potions, to seeing if you have what it takes to be a Jedi, and being a time traveler and traveling back in time, this summer you will get to experience all kinds of adventure!

TUESDAY ~ Let’s go to the Beach
This is an opportunity for Junior Members to get out on the water and explore the beaches of Martha’s Vineyard. Each week we will take the Boston Whalers out to Cape Poge to explore the beaches and hunt for hidden treasures! Or go kayaking with certified instructors on the Sengekontacket Pond and play water games and other activities. We will rotate these two excursions every Tuesday.

WEDNESDAY ~ Art and Science Experiments 
That’s right, you heard it here first! We are combining Art and Science day this year! Junior Members will have the chance to get creative and let their minds run wild with science experiments and art projects! Each week we will offer a different craft or science experiment that will allow children to build on their skills and have their imagination grow. Whether participating in art classes at the Edgartown Museum or getting messy with soda geysers at the Field Club, Junior Members will have a blast showing off their creative side!

THURSDAY ~ Exploring Martha’s Vineyard
This summer, we are calling all adventure and thrill seekers to take full advantage of seeing this beautiful island of Martha’s Vineyard. We will explore the island by sailing on the 126’ Schooner, Black Dog Tall Ship, Alabama, visit the 350 acre Felix Neck Wildlife Sanctuary, wander different beaches, and visit the Edgartown Lighthouse. We will take a trip to the new Martha’s Vineyard ice rink and go on a pirate ship cruise! The Island Alpaca will make an appearance at the Field Club and Junior Members will get an up close look at these super cool animals! There will also be a visit to the Farm Institute for a tour of the farm and other activities and adventures.  You don’t want to miss this!

FRIDAY ~ Get your Game face on!
Let’s see your best GAME FACE because it’s game on!! Get ready to end the week playing some well-known games that will be brought to life Boathouse style! Junior Members will have the opportunity to work together and compete in different activities such as Cupcake Wars, Survivor, The Amazing Race, Edgartown Scavenger Hunt and many more. The games will focus on communication, leadership, cooperation and trust. Junior Members will have so much fun and end the week with not only a smile on their face but with memories that will last a lifetime!

***This year, we will end the 2018 Kid’s Club Season with a slide show on that last day of camp where all of our memories we have made will be shared! A light breakfast is provided and families are encouraged to attend**